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Authentic Montessori preschool for children in Vaudreuil, Dorion, Hudson, St-Lazare and the West Island of Montreal.
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Inspiration Montessori is a quality private preschool respecting and nurturing the individual child.

Your child will receive:

  • Authentic Montessori method teaching program with highly qualified Montessori trained teachers.
  • Low child to teacher ratio: maximum 7 children to 1 teacher.
  • Finely crafted AMI-recognized, European-made Montessori materials.
  • French language introduction.
  • A cozy, home-like environment.
  • All school supplies: arts & crafts, paper, crayons, etc.
  • Specialized children’s yoga classes: 1 per week.
  • Parent workshops: our Montessori teachers show parents, in detail, the method and type of lessons their children practice daily.
  • Special events and excursions: visits from musicians of the Montreal Symphonic Orchestra, apple picking, etc.
  • 7000 sq.ft. outdoor play area.

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Authentic Montessori preschool for your child, serving Vaudreuil, Dorion, Hudson, St-Lazare, Rigaud and the West Island of Montreal. We follow Maria Montessori's principles with Montessori materials. Inspiration Montessori is a high quality private preschool respecting and nurturing each individual child. Montessori trained teachers. Contact our director Sasha Malashenko at 450-319-1114.